So…It’s Been More Than a Month

Long time no see, folks. For those of you who are still following me (I’m sure there’s at least one of you) I apologize for the lack of content. August was…hectic, to say the least, and as a result, I more or less suffered a complete and utter creative drain. Truth be told, I’m still recovering from that. Ah, but you’re not interested in hearing excuses, are you? I’ll wager you all want to know what’s going on with Double Crit now- namely, whether or not I’m actually going to start posting readable content again any time on the near future.

The short answer is yes. Definitely, I promise. At least, until I get hit with another bout of insomnia and my sleep schedule borks itself yet again. That’s been known to happen, I’m afraid. It’s rather irritating. Anyway, here’s an idea of what I’ve got in store for all you fine folks this month:

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