Some Backstory on my D&D game

D&D Splash Art

So, Suffice it to say, I’ve not posted here in well over a month. Most of the articles I would be writing for Double Crit have instead gone to other sites (and I even got paid for them, too). Still, I don’t want to abandon my little corner of the web just yet. Since this is a place to collect and gather my thoughts, I’m going to do just that. Perhaps we’ll take things in a different direction.

We’ll see.

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Reality…meet Fantasy

At one point or another, every bright-eyed child grows up; becoming anything from a briefcase-toting executive to a grease monkey with a wrench. We can’t all be Peter Pan, and inevitably, our toys and game will migrate from our bedroom floors to a storage closet or Goodwill. The days when we were free to run wild and play become fewer and farther apart, until we find ourselves running back and forth to school or work or whatever it is that keeps us from getting our desired ten hours of sleep a night.  There’s a question I often ponder when I’m supposed to be doing my assignments:

Is that little kid still there, buried deep beneath the grown-up we all wake up and discover ourselves to be?

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Throwin’ out the Rule Book

You know how it is: you bring a board game up from the basement, take out all the pieces, and flip through the rules. After much debate, you eventually figure out what the hell you’re doing, and everyone starts to get the hang of gameplay. Or maybe you don’t, and that’s perfectly alright- you can just make it up as you go along.

No game has more potential to be this way than Dungeons and Dragons. A Dungeon Master’s Handbook, Monster Manual, Spell Compendium, and Basic Starter Rulebook, and several hours of play later, and you’re still being told by veterans that you’re doing it wrong! It’s enough to get anyone’s cloak of charisma in a twist!

I think we used this a grand total of never.

Turn back the clock about six years. I have just been given a Basic game of D&D for my birthday, and my brothers are busily sorting through all of the figurines. Then comes the much-dreaded question…how do we play? One hour and an instruction booklet later, and this ragtag gang of preteens still hasn’t even begun to grasp the complexity of the new and mythical universe that’s just been laid at their feet.

So what do we do?  We play anyways.

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