Five Amazing Video Game Inspired Web Series

Hey folks, guess what? More writer’s block from me! I’ve staring dimwittedly at my PC for some time now, trying to formulate an article that sounds both educated and coherent; desperately attempting to put together a piece that doesn’t read like I threw it together by headbutting my keyboard and giving myself a concussion.

No such luck, I’m afraid.

As a result, I’ve put together yet another list for everybody. Don’t worry- there’s actually some good content here, to make up for the fact that I’m pretty much showing up to the table empty-handed today. Let’s get started, shall we?

One of the best- and worst- things about video games is the community surrounding them.

Yeah, I’ll admit it- there’s a lot of venom and vitriol. There are a lot of sexist pigs, rabid, howling fanboys, and rage-filled keyboard warriors. There’s a lot of harassment- and that’s something we need to get rid of. It’s something we need to all band together in order to address.

In doing this, we shouldn’t forget about the many merits of our community- not the least of which is our creativity. I’ve seen some positively jaw-dropping, painstakingly crafted fan films, movies, and series while browsing the ‘net. Today, I’m here to share just a few of them with you. If you enjoyed any of the properties they’re related to, chances are you’ll enjoy the film.

Fallout: Nuka Break

Nuka Break is essentially a comedy set in the fallout universe. The portly main character, Twig, was the skinniest fellow in Vault 10, a testing ground for snack foods and vending machines. He’s not really a hero, either- all he wants is to get his hands on some delicious, hydrating Nuka Cola. He’s joined by the beautiful (and particularly violent) former slave Scarlett, and an indifferent, apathetic Ghoul named Ben.

It’s hilarious, it looks good, and the acting is actually halfway decent. Currently, the creators have just finished a Kickstarter campaign in preparation for season 2.

Freeman’s Mind

One of the simpler series on the list- but no less entertaining for it, Freeman’s Mind is essentially a fellow playing through the Half-Life series while monologuing as though he were Gordon Freeman himself. Well, that is, if Gordon freeman were a narcissistic, self-absorbed prick.

It’s pretty funny- give it a look.

College Saga

Here’s the oldest one on the list, and it’s pretty obvious where College Saga draws its inspiration from. A comedy based on old turn-based RPGs, College Saga follows the adventures of Mark Leung as he attempts to bring to a halt an insidious plot to turn all living things into vegetarians- who are basically zombies.

Megaman: The Movie

Believe it or not, I just discovered this one today- and while it’s not technically a fan series (it’s a movie), it’s still an amazing watch, if you can get over the overacting on Dr. Wily’s part. It’s essentially a re-imagining of the Megaman series if it were to happen in today’s world. Fan of Megaman? Watch this.

There Will Be Brawl

What do you get if you combine The Sopranos, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and Silence of the Lambs? You pretty much get this. You can watch this one on The Escapist(or on the original website, which I’ve linked above), and even though the quality isn’t always top-notch (it was done on a pretty low budget), it’s still a pretty decent web series, just the same, and watching it gave me a new level of respect for Luigi.

That’s all for today- see you guys on Tuesday.

Image Credits: [There Will Be Brawl] [Wirebot] [Cannabelle] [Borkweb] [Original Gamer] [There Will Be Brawl]


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