Writer’s Block Sucks. Have Some Movie Recommendations.

My efforts to correct my sleep schedule have most certainly been paying off, but they’ve had an unfortunate side effect. I’ve been existing in a pretty regular state of exhaustion for the past several days, and as a result, the quality of both my writing and my ideas have been steadily going downhill. I know I promised you guys something a bit deeper and more in-depth today, but thus far, every single idea for an intellectual piece I’ve come up with has fallen short.

In other words, all of my ideas so far have been pure crap.

So, sorry to say, this post is a cop-out. Instead of giving you guys some more food for thought, I’m going to recommend a few geeky films that you should all watch- assuming you haven’t already. Don’t worry, they’re all quite excellent.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising: Truthfully, this has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. While it’s definitely a low-budget film, and the acting isn’t always perfect, the script is both well written and hilarious- so the lack of high-end special effects or big name actors hardly matters.

It’s a D&D film, by the way, and jumps between OOC drama at the table and in-character action. I’m certainly not doing it justice here, so all I’ll say is this- my roommate saw the film last month. Since then, he’s watched it at least five times and gotten into D&D.

It’s just that good.

The Gamers: While it’s even lower budget than Dorkness rising, and definitely the lesser of the two films, the original Gamers is still worth seeing, if only so you get some of the inside jokes made in Dorkness Rising. Plus, it has its entertaining moments, as well.  Dead Gentlemen Productions is a damned brilliant organization.  Check ’em out, if you’ve the time.

Labyrinth: This one’s fairly legendary, and I’m sure most of you have heard of it at least once. Quick synopsis: a bratty fifteen year old wishes that goblins would come and take away her little brother. The goblins show up, lead by David Bowie, and steal the child away to their castle. Bowie informs the girl that she needs to navigate a labyrinth to save her brother from turning into a goblin.

What follows is a psychedelic coming of age story, and a look into the twisted mind of Jim Hensen. It’s complete with glittery, tight pants, capes, musical numbers, beautiful set design, and a creepy pseudo-romance between the young Sarah and the villainous Goblin King, Jareth.

Legend: Here’s another movie that contributed a lot to kicking off the high-fantasy craze that started up in the 90s and has been with us ever since. Tim Curry plays the Lord of Darkness, an evil, Diablo-esque demon determined to bathe the world in eternal darkness, kill off all the unicorns, and marry the beautiful princess of a nearby, peaceful kingdom. You know, all the priorities every true dark lord should possess. Standing in his way is a young Tom Cruise who’s something like Tarzan meets Robin Hood with a dash of Aragorn, aided by a mischievous satyr. Apparently the lead actress was dating Jim Hensen’s son.

Oh, there are also goblins and all manner of fantasy beasts.

Tap: Max’s Game: Five friends. Five Colors. One Victory. Max’s Game follows the story of five veteran Magic: The Gathering players as they rediscover their hobby and work together to make it to Nationals. It’s a great look into the hobby, and all in all a well-made film. If you’ve ever had any experience with Magic or collectible card games, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this one.

Anyway, that’s all for now. See you guys next Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll have tossed my writer’s block out the window by then.


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