E3 2012 is Go

For those of you living under a rock, it’s a pretty big week for…well, pretty much everyone. Not only is the Electronic Entertainment Expo kicking into full swing, but the global launch of the new Internet Protocol Suite (IPv6) is tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll all be relieved to hear that I’ll be discussing the former, and largely glossing over the latter. Go read my post at VPN Haus (or just have a look at their site) if you want to know more about IPv6. I think I do a fairly decent job of laying out exactly what the whole affair’s about, but hey- who knows?

Anyway, this post isn’t going to be as meaty as my regular fare. E3 means that my workload has pretty much shot through the roof, so I don’t really have as much personal time as usual. As such, this one’s just going to be a quick look at a few of the noteworthy things I noticed about Monday’s flurry of press conferences and keynotes. I’ll have something more substantial for you guys on Thursday, promise.

For now, I’ll inundate you with a few of my thoughts on yesterday’s press conferences.

Microsoft’s Press Conference

I’m not usually one to toot Microsoft’s horn, but they did a damned fine job yesterday, I’m not gonna lie. Smartglass seems like a pretty decent concept, and their list of new games…actually looked pretty decent, though there were two obvious showstoppers.

I’ve had my doubts about Halo 4. To me, it felt as though the trilogy should have ended with 3. Everything was wrapped up quite nicely. Chief’s story had been told, and I was under the impression that they’d explore the rest of the Halo universe. After watching the trailer, though…well…damnit, I’m looking forward to that sequel.

While I’m still not certain I’ll be picking up Gears of War: Judgement, it definitely doesn’t look too shabby. The campaign seems pretty typical of the Gears franchise, with all the concentrated digital testosterone we’ve come to expect of the series. Where it really shines is Overrun, the new class-based multiplayer mode. I’ll admit, it intrigues me.

EA’s Press Conference

Where other businesses see a trade show, EA apparently sees an opportunity to sell their products. With the number of times it felt like EA was trying to market something to me, their press conference honestly felt like one big, drawn-out infomercial, minus the braying of Billy Mays or the pseudo-sexual howling of Vince Offer.

The new Sim City title sounds rather awesome, though- if only because of multiplayer, where choices you make in your own city will have an effect on outlying cities in your region (each of which will be managed by a single person in a game). If they pull it off, it’ll be aweso

Oh, there’s also a bunch of new content for The Old Republic, as well, including an increased level cap, new world, new playable race, and new companion. All in all, pretty sweet, right?

Other than that…I’m sorry to say, but there really wasn’t anything I actually gave a damn about at EA’s keynote. Most of it was just them rehashing a bunch of stuff we already knew, and emphasizing how cool it was and how much they’d love it if we buy their products and how we’re awesome people if we play their games.

*ahem.* Moving on.

Sony’s Press Conference

I’ll admit, I never got to watch Sony’s Press conference. I regret that now, since it was apparently mind-blowing.

First, there’s a new God of War on the way. Realizing that there was really no way they could continue on with the God of War series after the third installment (Hey, I still say the Norse or Hindu Pantheon are both fair game), the next God of War game’s going to be a prequel. Titled Ascension, it’s evidently going to give us the story of how Kratos became a god.

They also previewed Naughty Dog’s Survival Horror The Last of Usand a new game from Quantic Dream called Beyond.

Basically, it’s looking like I should dust off my PS3.

Ubisoft’s Press Conference

Assassin’sCreed3Assassin’sCreed3Assassin’sCreed3Assassin’sCreed3….Watch Dogs looks right bloody amazing, as well.

Anyway, that’s enough prattle for the time being. See you guys on Thursday!


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