Minecraft Adventure Update “Leaked”, Approved by Notch

This’ll probably be pretty old news to most of you, but Minecraft 1.8 went live on Friday….well, sort of. An incomplete build of the 1.8 “Adventure” update was leaked onto one of the 4chan boards a couple days ago (word is it was /v/). It’s definitely a legit update- I’ve fiddled around with it a bit myself, but haven’t yet gotten the chance to play it at length.

Turns out, this build was originally intended for trusted playtesters only. It kind of shows.

Don’t get me wrong, the update’s pretty awesome- I’m loving creative mode, and the new experience system in survival mode is downright intriguing. But I’ve already found several glitches- the sound sometimes cuts out, and ‘ghost’ items are dropped on the ground if you drop items from your inventory) and I’m sure there are quite a few more.

Either way, Notch has pretty much given the okay for this one, and is reportedly in the process of testing the pre-release himself.

Those of you looking for a few juicy details, swing by Pendit67’s thread on Reddit. Those of you who just want to get in on the Adventure Update early, you can find the file here. Copy the .jar file into C:/Users/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/bin and replace the old .jar.



A second prerelease of the 1.8 client can be found here, and a server client for 1.8 can be downloaded here.

Image Credits: Gamerant


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